New Business Opportunities - Diversification

Working on ways to add business through diversification. Wellness is something we have been doing for nineteen years. We have (finally) decided to expand this service by emphasizing wellness coaching - working interactively with our employer's employees on specific health challenges. What has stimulated our interest in this area is the proliferation of studies documenting both qualitative and quantitative benefits. Its the tangible, expressed in hard dollar savings related to health care costs, that most interest us. Employers are ready to listen to well documented, return on investment (ROI) possibilities. What are you working on?


Your Fellow TPA's Are Ready To Help You Serve

Blog created to assist members and prospective ATPA members. Members listed by state. Town location and phone number also provided. Please contact your fellow member before sending your clients for services. Identify yourself, your client and services required. Many members offer additional services required by TPAs; i.e., physicals, after hours, on-site, post accident, etc. Each ATPA member is responsible for paying their fellow member for services. ATPA service provider will bill member. Contact Jim Proctor for a member list that will include additional contact information and services provided. In addition, Jim can provide a list of discounts available to ATPA members.

Contact Jim at 410-822-8690; Email jwp@jameswproctor.com

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